2020 Budget submission – Duavata Sustainable Tourism Collective

2020 Budget submission: Promoting sustainable tourism through small and medium enterprises

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2020 Budget submission: Promoting sustainable tourism through small and medium enterprises

The Duavata Sustainable Tourism Collective is a group of small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector that are passionate about the preservation of Fiji’s natural environment, its cultural heritage and arts, the engagement of communities in valuing and protecting natural resources and the ability of the tourism industry to contribute income to support conservation initiatives.

The Collective was established in 2018 to provide a more unified voice on some of these issues. Annex 1 contains brief profiles of our members and illustrates our collective commitment to sustainability.

Adventure and cultural tourism experiences, which we all offer, have been some of the fastest growing segments of the tourism market.

These experiences help to diversify Firs offerings globally a. attract tour. who may not otherwise choose to visit, while simultaneously retaining tourism income within FUN. economy, with a significant proportion directly supporting livelihoods and projects within partner.] local communities.

Tourism 2021 recognises the need to focus on high-value, orientated experiences, the role of SME operators in delivering these quality, unique experiences.

Our joint budget submission focus. on three areas:

  1. Government leadership in the inter-related areas of tourism, environment, a. cultural heritage
  2. Improving the regulatory environment so that it supports SMEs to grow
  3. COVID-19 response and a tourism recovery plan

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